The CSA™

The Common Sense Approach (CSA™) is an approach to health that I am designing and if successful will likely market to the masses in an attempt to make millions!

In short the CSA™ is based on the following principles – each being flexible enough for you to apply to your own context.

Reduce alcohol – For me this has meant limiting alcohol to one night per week.

Have a look at your diet – For me this has meant reducing the amount of bread I consume, as well as avoiding the obvious pitfalls and fast food traps. There is so much diet information out there, do a little reading and see what works for you.

Exercise – I have always exercised, so this wasn’t the issue but rather as I explained in this post, the way in which I exercise had to change. If you don’t do any exercise, start. If you already do, maybe change it up a little.

And that’s about it. I’ll add to it as I come up with new stuff…