Breaking New Ground

I haven’t blogged for a while – not here at least – because to be honest I hadn’t had that much to say. My training has been going okay-ish, but a bout of illness and a persistent long-term injury has held me back a little more than I had been anticipating.

I did actually post something over on my education-focused blog about how having goals can sometimes be de-motivating and that was – in part – inspired by a crappy run I’d had.

FitBitBut none of that today!

Today I broke new ground!

Today I ran 15km non-stop FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.

Now to the seasoned runners out there this might not seem that big a deal, but to me it represented a watershed moment.

Until this morning the furthest I’d ever run in one go was the 14kms in each of the three City 2 Surfs I completed in 2010 – 2012.

What’s more my average pace – how long each km took me – was 6:32m which over 15kms signified another achievement in itself given that at the start of April I ran 12km at a pace of 6:52m per km.

Again, to the seasoned runner these times are dreadfully slow, but to me… well, let’s just say I’m pretty chuffed – and motivated.

The Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon is in 19 days, so I’m hoping to run around 18-20km in another 10 days or so, and then hit the streets of Sydney on Sunday 15th May confident of completion!

Once I’ve completed this, I’ll then be reassessing my goals regarding the Sydney Marathon later this year.

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