Here comes the Xmas challenge…

Having lost around 9kgs since taking on this self prescribed challenge, I’m aware of the fact that Xmas is not a time generally associated with fitness/weight loss etc…

This is particularly true for me, with a trip back to the UK for the full-on Xmas experience complete with Mum’s turkey and world-class Yorkshire Puds…

I’ve also not been drinking during the week for the past 3 months, only having a couple or so one night per week…

My will power is sure to be tested as a catch up with mates usually goes hand in glove with a pint (or plenty) of warm-ish English ale…

And whilst I certainly won’t be shunning the good stuff over the festive period, I am keen to ensure I do not undo the work I’ve done to date.

So with that in mind as well as hitting the gym every now and then, each Saturday, I’ll be taking part in the Lyme Park Run with my sister – whom I mentioned was a key motivator for me in this challenge.

As an aside Park Run UK is a great initiative that organise free 5km runs around some of the UK’s nicest parks… I’m not aware of any national or state-based initiative in Australia but If you are, please let me know in the comments below.

Do you have any tips for keeping fit over the festive period without being a killjoy? Humorous suggestions always appreciated! 🙂


  1. Mark Pleasance

    Hey Dan, Parkrun is also in Australia I also use to see what’s on around the place.

    My tip – one 375ml beer is 135 calories = 1.35km run. All rough figures but easy to work out when you can’t out run what you are drinking 🙂


    1. DanH (Post author)

      Thanks for the Park Run link Mark… and more importantly your foolproof calorie counting formula!!!

      Have a gr8 Xmas!

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