Six Weeks In…

So it’s been six weeks since I set myself the goal of running a marathon.

As I outlined in this post, there are several steps I’m looking to take in order to get there. The first of which is try to shift some weight off before I start running.

Exactly six weeks ago I weighed in at 125.8kg (277lbs/19.8st).

Today I weighed in at 120.6kg (266lbs/18.9st).

That’s 5.2kg in six weeks following the CSA™ with a loss of just over 2kg this week alone.

Interestingly it hasn’t been the steady decline in weight that I’d expected, as the table below shows:

Weight Total Loss Weekly Weight Loss
Start 125.8
Wk 1 123.85 1.95 1.95
Wk 2 123.2 2.6 0.65
Wk 3 122.65 3.15 0.55
Wk 4 123.3 2.5 -0.65
Wk 5 122.65 3.15 0.65
Wk 6 120.6 5.2 2.05

Week 4 was particularly disappointing as it was in this week that I felt I’d put in my best effort with regard to training and my nutrition. So to put on weight was most disheartening.

Fortunately Mrs H was on hand to refocus me and point out that the number on the scale isn’t the be all and end all… (It helps that she’s a personal trainer too!)

But this made me think. I was definitely feeling healthier, I had more energy, I was certainly proud of my training, nutrition efforts, and heck I even looked better (according to the missus) – yet the number didn’t reflect this.

That makes me wonder how accurately students, parents and teachers recognise the gains they make if the number/grade they receive isn’t the one they were hoping for… Is there a danger individuals may discount their efforts if it’s not reflected back at them in some tangible form and – in turn – how might this impact their desire to continue to engage with stuff they are finding tricky?


  1. Penny Ryder

    Great point. We need to see our progress in measurable terms to keep us motivated, but the “scales” need to give a true measure. Or we need to at least understand the limitations of the data. And having a bad week at losing weight (or answering Maths equations) doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to run a marathon (or engineer a space craft). We need to keep the little hiccups in perspective.

    I love that you’re doing this and sharing the journey. Btw it’s much easier to lose the weight once you start running!

    1. DanH (Post author)

      Hi Penny,

      Thanks for the comment… yes I know running will help… but I reckon running now would not be good news for my knees and ankles in particular… I have rugby to thank for that!


  2. Abe

    Good for you Dan, marathon is a big challenge. Personally I’ve found using a website called to be helpful. I picked up a Fitbit wifi scale that I jump on every morning and it helps track fat%, fat mass, lean mass and total weight. The two work nicely together and I’ve found it to be accurate and easy. The website is great for a slow and steady mindset. Provided fat% and fat mass are trending down, I don’t get too hung up on my total weight fluctuations, which can vary by 1-2 kgs daily for a number of reasons. Good luck with it all!


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